Tuesday, May 23, 2017

BZR Ombre Tights

Hello Everyone,

Today I have another review, this time from the brand BZR and they hand dye their tights in Seattle, WA. I was so excited to try them out as they make amazing colors in ombre tights which I have never tried before but have always found very unique and fun!  The pair I was sent are the Moonbeam Tights and they are described as being "pop blue going to dusty pale purple" on their website.  They say the tights are 50 denier which feels about right as they feel about medium weight and provide good coverage on the legs!  I really think the fabric feels very nice and was soft and smooth on my legs which is always a good thing.  The tights are manufactured in New York and hand dyed in Seattle.  I really think these tights would hold up well as they don't feel too thin and delicate. I really love how nice the tights look on the legs and the color is amazing, I must say.  I would say that these tights are definitely as statement piece and meant to let the legs be seen.  I really think that during the cold winter, it might be nice to layer a black opaque pair underneath for extra warmth all while still getting the stand out ombre colors on the legs! I think everyone could use a pair of these to add some fun and excitement into their style!  I really would recommend these to others as they are fun and unique and were comfortable for me to wear and felt good on the legs.   I personally think these tight can be worn with various types of footwear as they are more statement tights and fun, so I think heels, booties, sneakers, high heel sandals, but I would not wear them with high boots as that kind of covers up the ombre color effect which is why I feel the tights should be shown off!  They have various other color schemes to choose from on their website and Etsy store, so fee free to check them out.

I just want to thank BZR for sending me these tights to review and say that while they did send me the tights to review, the review is still my own.  I also wanted to thank my amazing photographer as I could not get the great outfit photos done by myself!

I would love to hear your thoughts on the tights.

Have a good one,