Monday, October 31, 2016

More Tights to show

Hello Everyone,

Here are a few more photos of the recent tights I have worn, I hope you like them.

The first pair is by Oroblu, and I am not quite sure what the style is called or what denier they are.  I don't have the original packaging as I bought them several years ago.  They do have a very cool and unique pattern which I love!  They are pretty thick and feel pretty durable.

The second pair is by Cecilia de Rafael and I have shown this pair before.  They are Reversible and have an amazing pattern!

Hope you have a good one,


Thursday, October 27, 2016

Wolford Paradise Peacock Tights

Hello Everyone,

I finally had the perfect opportunity to wear these Wolford Paradise Peacock tights, and I just love them!! They are 15 denier, and are thus sheer, but have the wild design which seems to be knitted in and it is amazing!  I would say that I was very careful with these tights knowing that they are sheer as I know they are delicate and want them to last as long as possible. To be honest, I try to be as careful as I can with all my tights so they last as long as possible. But today, I think I was a little more careful than I would have been with a pair of opaque tights.  These tights are just my style as they are unique and different which is something that I love when wearing patterned tights!!  These are not from the new collection Wolford has out now, but when I saw these online, I was just in love and had to get them since they are from a few years ago.  Luckily I was able to find this pair that was unopened in the original packaging and am glad they were available in my size as these are just so great!  My presentation was the perfect opportunity to wear these with a nice skirt and heels!

Have a great one,


Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Recent Tights!

Hello Everyone,

Here are the recent tights I have worn, the blue and multi colored ones are Cecilia de Rafael Brazilia Tights.  They are 70 denier and I love them as they are so unique and wild!

The next pair is the Trasparenze Australia tights and they are great also as they have 4 different patterns in one.

Well, Hopefully this will inspire others to dress the way they want!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Review of Mura Diadema Tights

Hi Everyone,

Today I am pleased to do a review on a brand I have never tried before, Mura.  They are an Italian brand and the pair I received from Papilio was made in Italy which to me is a good thing as I have found Italian made tights to be great!
The specific pair is the Diadema tights by Mura and the color is Oro.  They look amazing!  I really want to thank Papilio for sending me these tights to review as they look so great on the legs!  They have a gold color to them and an embroidered design effect which I think is stunning!  They are not the smoothest pair of tights that I have tried, but with patterns that is to be expected and this pair is very comfortable to wear and was not itchy in any way!  The Diadema tights are 70 denier so they would be perfect for wearing on the cooler days while adding a nice beautiful pattern to your outfit to really make the legs look amazing.  I think this pair definitely deserves a nice pair of heels as they are just that type of tights where they are elegant and would not look as good with sneakers in my opinion.  I think these would be great for wearing to holiday events, as they are very detailed and the gold in them just really makes them gives them that holiday feel. I would definitely recommend this pair of tights to anyone else looking for a nice patterned pair of tights as they are just that amazing in my opinion.  I am definitely thinking I should look at trying other styles of Mura tights as I was very impressed with this pair.  I would like to add that I always recommend people be careful with their tights regardless of how thick and opaque they are.  this pair has that nice embroidered effect and I would recommend people take care with these tights to keep them lasting as long as possible and looking amazing.  

While Papilio did send me the tights to review the review is still my own.  I just have to thank Papilio for so generously sending me this pair of tights to review along with the Trasparenze tights to review.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Review of Trasparenze Adventure Tights

Hi Everyone,

Today I am pleased to announce another review of a brand which I love Trasparenze, and this style is the Adventure tights which I love!  They are plain black opaque on the inner leg and the outer leg is animal print.  Each Leg is in essence half opaque and half animal print which is very cool and unique in my opinion.  The amazing people at Papilio sent me this pair to review and I want to thank them very much!  

As for the tights, on Papilio's website it says they are 100 denier, so that is the only information I have regarding denier as the packaging does not state anything of the sort.  They feel very nice as I would expect from Trasparenze tights.  The one side is smooth opaque and the other is a knitted pattern so it is very interesting and cool.  The knitted animal pattern reminds me of the Australia tights Trasparenze made that I also have as they are four different patterns in one and have the same feel as the animal pattern on the outside of the legs on these Adventure tights. These tights do not have a reinforced toe, but are thick enough to where I don't see that even being an issue.  I think this pair of tights would be perfect for the cooler weather and definitely will make your legs stand out and be noticed which I love!  they have the Trasparenze logo knitted near the top of the waistband as with all of my other trasparenze patterned tights have this feature as well.  All in all these are a great pair of tights and I know my amazing female friend taking the photos really loved them also!  I have to say I would definitely recommend these tights to others as they are perfect for cooler weather and are fun and unique.  They feel like they will be durable as they are more opaque. 

Again, I wanted to thank Papilio for sending me these amazing tights to review, and feel free to check out their website as they have many other patterned tights there!

While Papilio was kind enough to send me this pair to review, the review is still my own.

Hope you enjoyed the post,


Friday, October 14, 2016

Maison Close 70 Denier Stockings

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to start out by thanking the fine folks at Maison Close for sending me these stockings to try! This is my first time trying stockings like this and first time reviewing any for the blog. They are very nice and I think they are a great pair for anyone who is looking for a nice plain pair of stockings.  This pair is 70 denier so they definitely feel more durable and I was not worried about them getting a run while putting them on.  They don't have a reinforced heel or toe which to me was not a big deal as the fact they are 70 denier, I don't think they will be too likely too run that easily.  They are matte and this pair was in black so they are great for work, going out, etc.  They feel very soft and smooth to the touch!  Just remember that these do require a garter belt as they don't have any way to stay up.  The top rolls down, but with a garter belt, this should not be an issue.

When taking photos I did have on a pair of red tights underneath in order to not show my bare legs.

While Maison Close did send me the tights to review, the review is still my own!

Have a good one.


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Platino Tights Outfit

Hi Everyone,

I decided to post my outfit from yesterday and wore a pair of Platino tights I have not worn in a while as I thought they would be great especially with the shiny gold pattern that is mixed with black, I think they look so great on the legs!
I am wearing a skirt by I Love Tyler Madison and heels by Zara with them.  I am wearing my favorite hooded Sweatshirt which is a Motorhead Bad Magic one.

Have a good one,

As Lemmy would Say. "Born to Lose, Live to win"

Monday, October 10, 2016

Platino Cleancut 15

Hi Everyone,

Today I am pleased to announce the review of the Platino Cleancut 15 Denier tights.  Platino was kind enough to send me them to review and I am so thankful!  This is one of the most highly Regarded pairs that I know of.  Now I know they had some trouble in the past which is why they were unavailable for about 2 years.  I had read before that these would not be quite the same as the previous ones.  To a true lover of hosiery that would definitely be disappointing as the first ones were amazing.  I initially felt the Cleancuts and they did not feel quite the same as the original pair, not quite as slippery and smooth.  That being said, I still think the cleancut 15 that I tried were amazing to wear, have a nice shine, very soft and smooth.  I think they are hands down better than any of the styles available in department stores in the U.S. Yeah, they might not quite the same as the original, not the same, but I think people can nitpick about anything which is unfortunate as they are still a great pair!  They are 15 denier, so they are nice and sheer, and would be great for the summer, and warmer weather as they would not be too warm.  They do have a nice shine which I really think enhances the legs nicely and gives them a nice smooth, flawless appearance!  They do have a laser cut waistband which is definitely nice as it will not dig in and be uncomfortable.  They are delicate as I would expect since they are sheer and a 15 denier.  I would definitely recommend this pair to anyone as I think they would enjoy wearing them and love them.

I just wanted to say that while Platino did send me the tights, the review is still my own.

Hope you have a good one,


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Gatta Lorenne Tights

Hi Everyone,

I just thought I would share photos of the Gatta tights I wore yesterday.  I love the pattern and the contrast between the red and black.  They are amazing!  They are 40 denier and feel very soft.  I actually layered a pair of opaque black tights underneath for an extra layer of warmth.  Overall, I am very pleased with these tights and think they will hold up fairly well since they are 40 denier and seem to be fairly durable and I don't expect them to run easily. 

Here are the photos:

Have a good one,