Tuesday, January 6, 2015

My new Cecilia de Rafael tights

Hello Everyone,

I am very pleased to say I have been able to wear my new Cecilia de Rafael tights that I just got! 

Yesterday I wore the Uppsala tights I got in the Shade Zafiro!  They were unlike anything I have tried up until this point!  I have just over 300 pairs, and was very impressed with how nice, soft and smooth they are.  Plus, they are 150 denier, so a heavier yarn was used than compared with most hosiery which made them very warm to wear as well.  I love the color so very much as I really like the shade of blue! Plus they are nice and shiny as well, which is something that I love in a pair of tights!  They have seam that runs up the back of each leg which is due to the way in which the yarn is knitted, and is not like that of the traditional backseam tights. I have a feeling that this pair will last for a while as they seem to be very durable. I paid 44 dollars for them, but think the price is well worth it!  If you compare the price of 44 dollars to that of the 70 dollars for the Wolford Satin de Luxe. Now I would never say that Wolford makes bad quality products, but I will say they are not cheap!  That is why I am a big fan of Cecilia de Rafael and their products since they make wonderful hosiery at a very reasonable price!  The Uppsala are no exception, as the feel on the legs when you rub against the fabric of the tights is just so smooth!  I highly recommend them very much!

Today I wore the Atomos tights by Cecilia de Rafael I just got!  I really like the pattern and how it is a reptile pattern.  I have them in the shade Tobaco.  It is a very nice shade of brown and I really like how there are shiny spots on the pattern of the tights.  They are 100 denier and are nice and warm for the cooler weather.  they feel really durable and that they would last quite a long time.  These are a great way to spice up an outfit a pair of cool patterned tights.

Hope you enjoyed the post,



  1. Have those Uppsala in 6 colors just not those blue ones very nice tights. love those reptile ones awesome look

  2. Best tights I have ever had and after many times washing they are still as if I had just unpacked them. I have not had one seam to open. I wear them every day if the climate is not to hot or to cold. I love the colours and when wearing shorts people do look as its not every day a man wears such a glossy tight.