Monday, August 25, 2014

My 10 Favorite Brands

I have a list of my 10 favorite hosiery brands. These are not necessarily in the order of my 1 favorite to 10 favorite as I cannot choose one brand that I like better than the others.

  1. Trasparenze- An Italian brand that makes wonderful basic hosiery, and every season comes out with beautiful new patterns. I cannot resist their patterns! They look great and feel wonderful. Their patterns can be moderately priced 20-30 dollars a pair, while the basics will usually be between 10-20 dollars a pair.
  2. Cecilia de Rafael- A Spanish brand that makes wonderful basic hosiery for all types of weather! They have wonderful semi-opaque hosiery, and opaque hosiery. Also, they make beautiful sheer, and even sheer shiny hosiery which are perfect for the warmer weather. They are reasonably priced usually between 10-20 dollars a pair. They look and feel amazing!
  3. Platino- Another Spanish brand which is also very nice. They too make wonderful basic hosiery, both for the cooler weather and even the warmer weather. They are always a pleasure to wear. They also run about 13-18 dollars a pair. Some of my favorite patterned pairs are made by Platino, and they look amazing and are very nice and warm! They were about 23-25 dollars a pair but I think that is reasonable for the look and feel.
  4. Gerbe- A French brand which makes great basic hosiery, which look and feel so elegant. They are always a pleasure to wear, and they even made pantyhose for men complete with an anatomical fly. They are one of the few brands that I have seen put a reinforced heel and toe on a number of their pantyhose models. They are more expensive about 33-50 dollars depending on what pair you buy.
  5. Oroblu- Another Italian brand which makes great patterns, basic hosiery, and even compression hosiery. They are moderately price depending on what you buy. Maybe 33 dollars at the high end for a pair of fashion tights, but they always seem to do a nice job!
  6. Fogal- A Swiss brand that I tried earlier this year, and fell in love with. They are pricey, but the two pairs that I bought of the Brilliance 20 line are a pleasure to wear! I would definitely like to try more of their hosiery should the opportunity arise. They can be about 33 dollars all the way up to about 350 dollars for the silk tights they make.
  7. Silvia Grandi- An Italian brand which makes wonderful basic hosiery, which are a pleasure to wear! About 15-20 dollars a pair.
  8. Pretty Polly- A British brand which seems to be leading the way for patterned hosiery each season, and offering them at a reasonable price about 25 dollars.
  9. Emilio Cavallini- An Italian Brand which is the first one I have seen to make fashionable tights for men! I love mine with the skulls, and the other ones with the barbed wire on them! They are a little more on the pricey side but my tights at 45 dollars a pair are worth it in my opinion.
  10. Wolford- An Austrian brand makes a wide variety of basic pantyhose and tights, both matte and shiny! They come in almost every denier out there. They also make some of the most beautiful patterns but are also the most pricey I have seen with the patterns starting at 55-65 dollars a pair. The cheapest pair I have seen was in the basic hosiery at 30 dollars a pair. They always are a pleasure to wear.


  1. love all the brands above plus Gipsy brand have most of the brands above think I have more hosiery than women do great fashion even if I cant wear openly

  2. I understand your concluding, seemingly somewhat wistful, concession that despite the vast assortment of hosiery you have gradually collected out of sheer interest, you have to face the fact that you cannot, or more properly may not, indulge a very natural wish to occasionally appear in public wearing your cherished legwear. I hope you don't resent my boldness, but I am strongly tempted to ask you why you deny yourself that natural gratification. Is it some variety of shame at being so partial to luxurious underwear? I grant you I am not one of those who wish to promote social change; I am conservative enough to prefer that tights, pantyhose, and nylons generally retain their association with women and femininity. Yet I long for the day when I may occasionally add feminine touches to my wardrobe, perhaps in response to a particular mood or to indulge a variable preference for certain types of self-sissification in a social context. Odd? Perhaps, and some may write me off as a weirdo before interacting with me. That might wound my pride, but I'm confident that I would get over it; and just imagine how a positive interaction with just one person, stranger or acquaintance, could efface the momentary unpleasantness from my mind!

  3. My number one brand is Cecilia de Rafael. I love wearing UPPSALA in all colours. As a man I wear then very openly with shorts day by day also at work. I get very positive comments from women, men usually just ignore the fact me wearing tights - LoL